Hardware Repair Solutions by Prime Tech Support for Business Clients in Miami - Visual representation showcasing professional hardware repair services offered to businesses in the Miami area.

Hardware malfunctions can happen. So, when it does, the bottom line of your business is impacted! Businesses can't afford downtime because of simple MAC & Windows computer hardware component failures.

Everything, from your business employees to the servers and networks, relies on hardware. And with over 20 years in this business, we think it's always good to have a service provider on standby. We are Apple & Mac repair specialists. Our labs and tech staff are certified and use only the best tools available in the market today.

All in One computer cleaning performed at Prime Tech Support Lab in Miami. Our tech is using a air cleaning device to keep the unit free of dust to avoid overheating.


Businesses' foundations run on hardware, so it is always smart to think about failure before it happens.

Our tech professionals are always on standby to give you the best guidance to keep your business operations running all the time.

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Technician in Miami dissembling the desktop computer and perform a diagnostic to find the possible cause of the problem.

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