Prime Tech Support team Here we have Claudia, the CEO, and three expert technicians that provides IT Support in Miami, FL for medical Offices, Logistics, Distribution, Lawyers, Financial and Retail

We serve our clients to accomplish their business technology goals. By delivering a superior customer experience every time, our passionate team of experts work relentlessly to offer top-notch IT support to our clients in South Florida.  

This is what truly sets us apart. We handle our company with emotional intelligence. That means although we understand that not every issue can be fixed right away, nevertheless, we work tirelessly for its resolution.  

We make sure your business has the tools it needs to operate efficiently!  

Businesses run on technology so we know how vital it is. But technology is not everyone's forte. That’s where we come in! Our team of experienced professionals focus on your business technology while providing you interstellar customer service!  

Our Mission & Vision

Mission icon of arrow in target representing our determination to solve any IT issues our customers may be facing.


We empower individuals and businesses by getting rid of technology constraints so they can focus on what matters to them.

Vision icon of eye representing our projection as a local business from Miami to keep bringing IT solutions to our customers may be facing.


Our Vision is to be a leading technology service provider in South Florida where customers find the best technical solutions and endeavor to offer them an environmental-friendly approach at affordable prices.