Protect your personal information: A Checklist for Online Businesses

Oct 24, 2023

Do you understand the importance of strengthening your business against cyber threats? And to safeguard your personal information online? Hence, this article acts as an ultimate guide to your online businesses. It will help you to understand the importance as well as the ways to protect your personal information online!

You need to make sure your information is always protected! So how important is guarding your personal information for you?

So, then start the journey where all digital footprints are significant as well as each layer of protection contributes to your business's success.

What If A Website Has My Personal Information?

If a website has your personal information, please make sure that it’s a trusted platform with strong security measures. Also, keep on monitoring your accounts regularly for data protection.

What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Personal Information Online?

In fast moving digital world, it is important to protect your privacy and security at online platforms. In 2023 only over 6M personal data breachcases are detected. Following are the protective measures that will help to protect your personal details online:

Embrace Strong Passwords

The increasing threats on the digital world have taken a great toll on the leaking of personal information and data of the users of internet. To secure your personal data, it is significant to use strong passwords for your accounts on any portal which is available on the internet.

There is only one best way to keep strong passwords for your accounts which is using a mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters in the passwords. A strong password will ensure that the chances of someone getting into your account are decreased in a significant manner. The combination of all these options will increase the security of your account, as the password will not be easily guessable.

What Do You Need To Avoid?

The answer is avoid using the same password at multiple platforms! Online users should understand that the basic information of the account can be accesses easily thus, the user should avoid the commonly used passwords combinations which includes the names of the country in which they reside, their date of births and the names which are visible on their accounts.

It is recommended to set a unique password for each account on different portals in order to improve the security of the account. The reason behind this is that the threat of information leakage increases if the malpractices allow someone to guess your password of any of the account. Ultimately, they will try it on each of your accounts that exist on the internet.

Don’t Overshare On Social Media

Social media platforms are the most used platforms and tend to attract the highest numbers of internet traffic. Thus, it is important that the user restrict themselves to sharing valuable information publicly. This information includes personal information such as date of birth, last and maiden names, business or home addresses and phone numbers. Statista underlines the importance of this as over 4.2 billion (Number of Social Media Users Worldwide," Statista, 2021) users are active on social media, accentuating the need for privacy.

Why is personal information leakage bad for users?

Overshare of personal information allows the malpractices to gain in-sight of your personal information and use it against the users. To avoid these malpractices, the users of social media platforms should also ensure that they don’t share their personal information publicly and don’t connect or add people who they don’t know personally or closely.

If the users follow the above guidelines efficiently, it will be harder for the third parties to join the pieces of the information and get their hands on the personal information of the user which they are not willing to share.

Use Public Wi-Fi With Caution

The usage of public Wi-Fi has surged significantly in the past few years. The reason behind this is the increased usage of the users on the internet. So, avoid using public Wi-Fi’s or use with attention.

The ratio of setbacks and threats of using the public Wi-Fi is higher because many users are using the connection simultaneously. This simultaneous usage allows people to access the information of the other users with the help of online malpractices.

To ensure that the personal information of the users is safe, the users should use a virtual private connection. This virtual private connection tends to put a firewall on the connection which will prevent other users accessing your personal information.

It is also vital to ensure that the users don’t use their banking apps on the public Wi-Fi, as it might result in passwords cracking and financials losses.

Mobile App Permission

Mobile app permission allows the user to restrict the access of the information for certain apps. It also ensures that your valuable information is not leaked to third parties which are not directly affiliated to the apps or their interface. So mobile app permission ensures that there is no unwanted sharing of personal information without any reason.

The app permission also helps the user to prevent them from downloading the apps which are not coming from a reliable source thus, and taking consumer’s consent before downloading the app. As the phone company tells the user that they will not be responsible for any financial or information loss after the user has downloaded the app.

Therefore, it is mandatory for the user to understand that the apps which they are planning to download on their devices are authenticated by the phone company and is also listed on the app’s platforms of the phone by default. These app platforms are typically Google play store or app store for the Android and Apple users.

Antivirus And Software’s Patches

Antiviruses are software which protect the user’s devices from malware and hackers. The antiviruses ensure that the users are safe from all sorts of online scams and online threats. Furthermore, the operating systems are constantly updating in the devices, to refrain from the threats, it is mandatory to update your devices to the latest firmware and patches.

Suspicious Links And Attachments

In the modern world of technology, the phishing and scam are the costliest and causing loss of approx. $1.8Billionand are getting popular constantly, these scams tend to obtain your personal information, passwords and financial information to get into your accounts. Thus, it is important to ensure that the users do not open or access the links which are coming from unauthentic sources.

The scammers also do malpractice by sending out bogus emails and messages to attract the consumers towards their platforms. At daily basis around 3Billionphishing emails sends to users every day In order to avoid such scams, users should not open or access these links or respond to such emails which haven’t come from someone they know.

Website Security

Website security holds immense importance in the process of safeguarding personal information. The website security check and balance are important because it allows the user to ensure that the website which they are accessing is a secure and authentic website.

To identify the security of a website the user should ensure that there is "https://" and a padlock icon in the address bar. If this format isn’t found in the bar, the user should refrain from accessing the website. Furthermore, if an unauthentic website is being accessed by the user, the threat of information leakage is eminent.

Educate Yourself

Educating yourself about the significance of protecting your personal information online is also a vital tool to safeguard your data online. The education process allows the users to be aware of trending scams which are being carried out in recent times.

In the fast-moving digital world, protecting sensitive data online is the main concern of businesses. For this purpose, taking cyber security expert’s help is a safe and smart move, as they are specialized and well equipped to encounter complex security breaches and attacks. By taking expert’s support, you will be able to run and grow your business in safe digital pace.

Two-Factor Authentication

Businesses share their personal information online while collaborating and dealing with others, that increases the risk of data breach. In this case, two factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to avoid breaches and attacks.

Two-factor authentication is vital for companies as it involves authentication in two phases. The first authentication step is based on entering the right credentials to login into the accounts. Once the correct information is added, the login page sends the user a login code to the email or the phone number, the login code needs to be entered to successfully enter the account.

Case Study

A notable case study is of the company Equifax that faced online fraud and scam online in the year 2017. The firm suffered a cyberattack that exposed the personal and financial data of approximately 147 million people. This breach consisted of information such as card details and the social security number.

This attack underlined the severe results for not taking enough measures of cybersecurity to protect personal information online. The criminals utilized stolen information for identity theft and fraudulent applications. This led to financial losses of people.

However, the firm made immediate responses, legal settlements, offered free credit monitoring, communicated with clients and enhanced their security measures to address the issue.


Therefore, the conclusion to this blog is that the users should always incorporate the checklist mentioned above to ensure that their personal information is always protected, and their data and passwords are safeguarded. Also, following this checklist efficiently, the users can remain at peace as they might not face data or financial losses in future.

So, what do you think about this? Will you consider all these factors for the safety of your personal information online?

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