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Business man frustrated with his company internet speed in Miami Florida

One of the most common complaints of businesses is “my Internet is too slow.” Behind a slow connection are multiple causes to analyze, the most common are the following:

Old or inappropriate wiring

The Internet is getting faster and faster. If the wiring of your Network has not been changed recently, this is one of the main causes of speed issues, especially in old buildings. Current Internet speeds on the order of the Gigabytes need wiring type Cat5e or Cat6. If your business has broadband issues wiring is the first physical condition to analyze.

Packet loss

It is the loss of packets during data transmission, occurs especially across wireless networks or due to network congestion. If the service demand over your Network has been growing due to the number of users or due to the activities of your business is important to contract a service with higher broadband. The Packets loss is barely noted for instance while sending an e-mail, but in the case of VoIP phone calls or video conferencing services is a real headache. If a poor signal is annoying during an informal phone call, for a business is a complete disaster. If your bandwidth is adequate, you still could face speed issues due to the hardware of your Network. If you recently upgraded your connection to 15Gb but your network has switches with capacities between 10 MB and 100 MB, it happens that this hardware can’t keep up with the traffic of the network resulting also in a packet loss. If you keep running diagnostics on your network and its still missing packets, consider replacing or updating your old computers.

As you see, a network is a complete gear and one of its parts greatly affects its complete performance. Don’t risk the image or professionalism of your business by not investing in an adequate Network solution.

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