Package of Hours

Designed to troubleshoot from basic to complex issues on your network


For companies that have someone who takes care of minimal IT stuff

This package is designed for companies that have an employee that takes care of minimal IT stuff in the office such as formatting a computer, removing viruses, fixing software issues, connecting a new computer, etc.

You will contact us when the complex IT support is needed or when your employee is not able to resolve the issue. For example, if there is one computer that is not surfing on the internet due to a windows registry issue and you need an expert to fix it, or when there is a new Internet service provider or router to be configured. 

Our IT Package of hours includes on-site and remote support covering in full your IT infrastructure. IT Package of hours provides that extra support that you need.

Our Helpdesk can help you to do the following: 

Answer onsite support inquiries, reducing your downtime.

Expediting large/medium/small projects.

Completing IT routines and daily/weekly tasks.


What We Do

Basic Package

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This package includes all IT Support Onsite and Remote for companies with computers (pc or mac) that requires troubleshooting, configuration and maintenance.  

Standard Package

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This package includes all IT Support Onsite and Remote for companies with at least 1 Server, 1 Firewall or Router, and computers (mac or pc) that need troubleshooting,configuration and maintenance. 

Premium Package

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This package includes all IT Support Onsite and Remote for companies with more than 1 Server, 1 or more Firewalls or Routers, Manageable switches, computers (mac or pc) and a complex network environment that need troubleshooting, configuration and maintenance.  


  • Computer Support (Windows, Apple, Linux)
  • Printers Software Support (All brands)
  • Firewall Support (WatchGuard, SonicWall, Fornet, Cisco, Palo Alto, Sophos, Checkpoint)
  • Server Support (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Networking Support (Manageable Switches, Routers)
  • Wireless Support (Ubiquiti, Cisco, Netgear, Google, Aruba)
  • VoIP Support (Hosted and In-House)
  • Smart Devices Support (Alarm, Lights, Doorbell, Locks, AC)
  • Mobile Devices Software Support (cellphones and tablets)
  • Surveillance Support*
  • Existing Wiring Support
  • Cloud Services Support
  • Office365 Support
  • Hours never expire
  • IT Project Management


  • Parts or licenses. Buyer will pay for them if required to complete our tasks.
  • New projects such as: Installation of wiring or cabling, surveillance system, software programming and web development are not included in the package of hours. They will be quoted as an additional project. .
  • Installation of hard drives or components on computers that requires screen or LCD removal to perform the work.
  • Hardware repairs on any mobile device (cellphone or tablet).
  • Repair of logic boards that have a short circuit.


Terms and Conditions

  • Onsite Services have a minimum charge of 1 hour.
  • In-Store Services have a minimum charge of 1 hour.
  • Remote Services will be charged by the time used to resolve the IT issue.
  • Time of the response will be based on the Service Level Agreement.
  • If onsite services require an additional technician, we will charge 1 hour for every additional technician per hour.
  • Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm. After hours’ service is available at time-and-a-half for each hour of service.
  • The hours will not expire, you can choose when and how to use them.


What People Are Saying

Working with Claudia, Jose and more for first time. Complicated migration to Activate working with Quickbooks. The 5-star professional level of attention we receive is unprecedented. More to follow.

Nancy B.

Nital Trading Company, Inc.

I have used Prime Tech Support for personal and Business needs and have been extremely happy with their work.  We have used them for Screen repair, IT Technical work and repairs even for our clients and have always been satisfied and never had a complaint.

Brian Amezola


Alex & Claudia give 100% focused attention to Prime Tech customers. Speedy service, reasonable pricing and excellent customer support and service. Highly recommended.

Ruben Pagan

Miami, Fl

Absolutely wonderful service! The network at my office was having issues, the internet was coming and going, and my IP phones were not as reliable as they should be. I called Prime Tech as my regular IT guy was busy, and much to my pleasant surprise, they were able to get out to me within hours.

Christopher N

Miami, FL

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