All-Inclusive IT Services

Designed to provide all IT Services for a flat fee.


Stop IT issues before they affect your bottom line

Prime Tech Services are built to cover all your IT support needs, from your employee workstations to your servers and other devices on your network that are necessary for your organization’s efficiency. 

By performing regular maintenance and by monitoring your systems, we can drastically reduce the amount of downtime your staff could experience. 

Note: Licenses or parts added or required after on-boarding will generate extra fees in the agreement. 

The Benefits of All-Inclusive IT Services: 

Budget your IT expenses with no surprises.

Minimum downtime and maximum uptime.

Mitigate your risks (Data loss, Hackers, Viruses).

Quickly Implement new technology.

Technology solutions tailored to meet every aspect of your business needs.

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing IT experts are monitoring your system.

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We have 2 types of All-Inclusive IT Support:  

8x5 All-Inclusive IT Support Plan

The 8×5 All-Inclusive IT Support Plan provides remote and onsite support 8 hours a day 5 business days a week. If you need work done after hours, you will be charged accordingly.  

24x7x365 All-Inclusive IT Support Plan

The 24x7x365 All-Inclusive IT Support Plan provides remote and onsite support every moment of the year. 

We monitor your network, report the issues found, and correct them as they happened.

Because we are monitoring your network, we will know when something is not working and fix it right away. If parts are needed, we will let you know so you can approve it before we continue with the repair.

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All-Inclusive IT Services

24/7/365 Monitoring of your Entire Network

Automation and Scripting maintenance task.


Technology advice to Improve Company Network

Printer Software support (all brands).

Firewall Support (WatchGuard, Sonicwall, Cisco)

Computer support: Windows, Apple, Linux.

Server Support (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Networking Support (Manageable Switches, Routers)

Wireless Support (Ubiquiti, Cisco, Netgear, Google)

VoIP Support (Hosted and In-House)

Smart Devices Support (Alarm, Lights, Doorbell, Locks, AC)

Mobile Devices Software Support (cellphones and tablets)

Office365 Support

IT Project Management

Unlimited Remote Support

Cybersecurity Assessments

Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMware)

Vendor Management

Existing Wiring Support

Technology Consulting

Weekly/Monthly IT Reports.

Back Up and Disaster Recovery Plan


Surveillance Support

Cloud Services Support


What People Are Saying

Working with Claudia, Jose and more for first time. Complicated migration to Activate working with Quickbooks. The 5-star professional level of attention we receive is unprecedented. More to follow.

Nancy B.

Nital Trading Company, Inc.

I have used Prime Tech Support for personal and Business needs and have been extremely happy with their work.  We have used them for Screen repair, IT Technical work and repairs even for our clients and have always been satisfied and never had a complaint.

Brian Amezola


Alex & Claudia give 100% focused attention to Prime Tech customers. Speedy service, reasonable pricing and excellent customer support and service. Highly recommended.

Ruben Pagan

Miami, Fl

Absolutely wonderful service! The network at my office was having issues, the internet was coming and going, and my IP phones were not as reliable as they should be. I called Prime Tech as my regular IT guy was busy, and much to my pleasant surprise, they were able to get out to me within hours.

Christopher N

Miami, FL

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