Our main goal during our IT assessments is to see if there is any vulnerability in your IT infrastructure.

Security Assessment

In this assessment we run a Vulnerability Management Test to look at your business IT Infrastructure from the outside, just like a potential attacker would. The aim is to locate any vulnerability that might exist in your IT infrastructure.

Hardware Assessment

This assessment let us identify the devices that are part of your network how they are located, the type of maintenance your
devices need, the wiring of your business network and how it impacts the speed of your Internet

How It Works

Our assessment can be done onsite or remotely. It’s up to you with method makes you feel more comfortable. We just need an hour of your time to perform the following process:


This is just an informal conversation to understand a little bit more about your business, what is important for you and what are your concerns about your current technology.  



We run a software and hardware assessments where we check your network, your computers, servers, printers, phones, switches and see if there is any vulnerability in your IT infrastructure.



Finally, we give a summary of the vulnerabilities found, the technical details for each vulnerability discovered and some recommendations and insights on how to remediate these security flaws.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Don’t take our word for it. Check our reviews in Yelp, Google My Business and see why we are one of the most trusted tech support company in Miami. 

I work in IT for many years and I have to say I almost gave up with the world in finding good, honest, professional people until I meet the team at Prime Tech. True honest and excellent professionals. Thank you so much.

Hendrik Teixeira

Claudia and her team were as good as advertised. Assessed our situation as a non-profit, explained the fix, came in and got it done. We are grateful to have them going forward. The proof of their excellent work is in all the high marks posted here. Thanks, Prime Tech.

Rick Sawyer

Hope for Miami

Absolutely wonderful service! The network at my office was having issues, the internet was coming and going, and my IP phones were not as reliable as they should be. I called Prime Tech as my regular IT guy was busy, and much to my pleasant surprise, they were able to get out to me within hours. Their technician (I forgot his name) was great, he tested each cable and replaced the terminals on 4 of the lines, everything up and running again, the bill was reasonable and I was thrilled to have found a new resource for my tech headaches.

Christopher N

Miami, FL

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