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At home or business today we are totally surrounded by electronics. Every day we are demanding more devices to meet our needs. All these gadgets are bought and finally taken to our places. A common user just cares about the plug-in and lets it run. This operation takes place a couple of times until you realize that your home or your business place is such a mess.

If you just started to care about the cabling conditions of your office, at Prime Tech support we have specialized technicians in the design and installation of structure wire cabling solutions.

Structure cabling is the first investment that you need to do if you want to assured the technical conditions of your computer network, surveillance system, automation, sound system, or VoIP solution at your place. Our technicians are prepared to ensure the cabling conditions at your business. Once we install, the tech support technician performs a test that certifies the excellent conditions of our wiring.

If you are in Miami or Broward and you are looking for wiring solutions, the Tech Support Team is trained and specialized to design and reorganized your cabling conditions, to provide the high impact that your business needs.

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We had internet and network issues at our place of business we inherited from the previous owners that were costing us time and money. No one had answers to correct the issues. Claudia stepped in and was able to correct all the issues with definitive solutions. Thank you Claudia for your continued professional and dedicated service.

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Gossamer B
Maimi, FL

Absolutely wonderful service! The network at my office was having issues, the internet was coming and going, and my IP phones were not as reliable as they should be. I called Prime Tech as my regular IT guy was busy, and much to my pleasant surprise, they were able to get out to me within hours. Their technician (I forgot his name) was great, he tested each cable and replaced the terminals on 4 of the lines, everything up and running again, the bill was reasonable and I was thrilled to have found a new resource for my tech headaches.

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Christopher N
Maimi, FL

I have heard and read about this place and decided to give it a chance. I am so shocked about how good, fast, professional, effective and nice these people are. It's a little shop on 36th street, about 2 blocks west of midtown Miami. Service was so professional, receiving updates when my part arrived and when the computer would be ready. Claudia, the owner is completely hands-on and is in top of every detail. This is my go-to place for anything Apple, iPhone, and even home/ office networking - including doing certain adjustments on my network so that it becomes more secure and faster. Way to go, I could not be any happier.

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Lipe M.
Maimi, FL
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